Dušan Ćalić

Dušan Ćalić

Dev Ops
Developing services for automation of financial processes for Dragon Maritime as a part of "Nexon Asia Pacific". Implementing CA Advanced Authentication for Ministry of Civil Service Saudi Arabia as a part of  "CA MENA". Deploying RDS Farm environment for Infinite Aged Care Australia. Maintaining and deploying web services for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.
  • Experience :
    8 Years
  • Since :
  • Address :
    Belgrade, Serbia
Experience 92%
Development 75%
Engineering 80%
Advisory 60%

Career Guidelines

  • Senior Systems Engineer

    2020 – 2021
    Nexon Asia Pacific
    • Worked on systems migration for both customer systems and internal systems during the acquisition of GCOMM Pty Ltd.
    • Worked on configuring and managing Azure infrastructure and Azure DevOps services and providing support for developing and integrating a solution for financial process automation.
  • Systems Engineer

    2017 – 2020
    GCOMM Pty Ltd
    • Worked on managing customers’ cloud platforms, AWS, Azure and Office 365.
    • Worked on the configuration and maintenance of servers, networking equipment, storage systems, monitoring, and management software.
    • Worked on installation, configuration, and maintenance of various backup solutions, antivirus solutions, maintenance and monitoring of customers virtualization platforms and hardware, creating recommendations for customers’ infrastructure and server improvements.
  • Systems Engineer

    2014 – 2017
    JKP Infostan technologies
    • Worked on installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers, networking equipment, implementation of antivirus software, administration of mainframe system, storage systems, programming of security RFID cards and readers, installation of workstations, printers, IP phones, writing of procedures and manuals, providing technical support and user education. Worked with the development team on implementing new and updating existing web services.

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  • Monday - Friday :8.00 - 10.00
  • Saturday : 8.00 - 10.00
  • Sunday:8.00 - 10.00

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